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as i was watching kpop star this past weekend with special stages of the top 3 contestants, i had a fleeting thought that i wanted to archive somewhere.

park jimin and lee hai are both on the “heavier” side, according to the kpop beauty standard. the reality probably is that most of the “beauties” of kpop are probably suffering from some sort of eating disorder because they are stick skinny. and while baek ah yeon seems to be naturally on the skinnier side, the other two girls (who have power vocals and have been nationally recognized for their talent despite their young age) are rounder and thicker.

but you know, i watch the performance clips of them again and again, and i see two beautiful girls. i can see them staying round and still being just as beautiful as the snsd girls that performed as well. it’s a different kind of beauty. the softer, fuller and richer kind.

i know this seems like an impossible wish, but somewhere deep down inside, i hope and pray that these girls don’t comply to the crazy standard of thinness. i hope these girls redefine beauty and create some room for variety of figures in the kpop media. it may be too much to be asking from these such young, tender girls to stand up to the faceless oppression—especially once they become a “professional” and have a proper debut, the netizens will undoubtedly harrass them for their figure and weight. i hope they don’t get too scarred by the ignorant oppression of the masses. and i hope they find the courage and strength to stay true to themselves without being defined by their figures.

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